About MMDM

“MAKE MY DAY MONDAYS” is a philanthropic initiative which was founded by Scott C. Norton, the President of Norton Sports Management, with the assistance of his National Hockey League client base.  Norton is a sports agent (with offices in Chicago and Laguna Beach) who specializes in the representation of NHL players, both on and off the ice.

Norton and his client base, including Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown and St. Louis Blue hometown hero Cam Janssen, have developed and promoted MMDM as a grass roots program to encourage goodwill, charity and giving back to the community.  MMDM originated as the first Twitter-based charitable movement ever, and has now blossomed over onto other elements of Social Media, including its own Facebook page, and soon to have it own website.

The premise behind MMDM is for individuals to participate in a random act of kindness each and every Monday, and then announce such a deed thru his/her Twitter or Facebook account.  This in turn will encourage others to follow and do the same.  Norton utilizes his professional athletes as vessels to spread the word of MMDM.  Many of Norton’s clients have attached themselves and their celebrity to various charities over the years, and now are excited about putting forth the company itself, as well as themselves, to help promote this effort.

Scott Norton has been involved himself with many philanthropic organizations through the years, and believes like his clients, he is one of the lucky and fortunate people in the world.  He understands that his athletes are indeed role models to the rest of society, and they should relish the opportunity to accomplish all they can in that role.

The difference with MMDM is that the cause promotes people to do whatever they can each Monday; whatever is within their means.  There is no direct charity or mandated donation, and the act of giving a homeless person a sandwich is looked at on par with donating a large amount of money to a charity.

“Lets make this place better one MMDM at a time”,  says Norton.

This is the motto of those involved with MMDM, and the results are showing after less than two months in its existence.  The future is endless for this initiative, which has been given a boost by the endorsement of Hollywood mogul Jerry Bruckheimer.

Norton is looking to now spread the word in person as MMDM looks to feature a number of live “meetups” in various cities around the U.S.  These events will be great ways to not only further the status of MMDM, but will be a venue for people to get together, enjoy other’s company and discuss ways to build on this great cause.  Norton and his team will choose a different charity to be the beneficiary for each “meetup” with donations being collected for that cause.  That choice will be based on the city of the event, as well as needs and wants at that time.  Like the initiative itself, the premise at each event will be for guests to donate with whatever they feel comfortable – whether it be a dollar, five dollars or a thousand dollars.

The live MMDM events will be tremendously successful and unique in that they are not organized and run by a set charity which is only promoting its cause, and that one hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to the charity of that night.  With the more indirect and personal approach, Norton’s group is confident that people of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds will join in on these events.  They will not only be a great way to further the philanthropic movement, but to also network with others.

“Make My Day Mondays”, although just in its infancy stages, has received the attention and media coverage of any major, direct charity.  Norton and his professional hockey clients are and will continue to do an outstanding job of leading by example.  The world will not change overnight, but hopefully this movement will continue at this pace, and work towards a better world.  As Dustin Brown, the assistant captain of the Silver Medal winning U.S. Olympic Hockey Team stated,

“It’s called Make My Day Mondays, but hopefully one day, it will be
Make My Day Everyday!”.